Znypyr Odonyl

Walk softly, carry a big gun


Race: Uulival
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Height: 7”3’
Weight: 300lb
Class: Musketeer

16 Str
10 Con
20 Dex
10 Int
11 Wis
8 Cha

Speed 6

13 Stealth
10 Perception
9 Athletics
6 Thievery, Acrobatics, Nature, Endurance

Longsword, Pistol, Leather armour

Toppling Charge
Encounter * Martial, Weapon
Standard Action Melee Weapon
Effect: You charge the enemy, knocking them prone and dealing an extra 2 damage (4 lvl11, 6 lvl21) if they are bloodied


Known simply as “zee” to compatriots, Znypyr is a hulking and relatively quiet guy with a sharp set of senses and a heavy brow. While not the type to fool around while on a job, he’s not all frowns and thousand yard stares – after a few stiff clear-brews around the campfire he’s been known to act quite immaturely, romping and rolling around like a three hundred pound puppy. In combination with his thick accent and poor grasp of the common language, an uninformed onlooker witnessing his antics might get the impression he’s more bark than bite – an dulleyed simpleton, slow on his feet. But while his jokes may be bad, those closer to him know that his aim with a rifle most definitely is not.

Hailing from nomadic Uulvil tribes of the frozen far-north islands, he comes from a long military pedigree of mercenary families that have spent their lives following the warpath. Struck with wonderlust (as all male Uulvil of a certain age are inclined to) he set out on his own, travelling south into the mainland in search of “adventure”. With the conclusion of the Last War, however, freelance mercenary work became increasingly scarce – and after one too many nights listening to his grumbling stomach, naturally fell into a position within the Guild of Avaricious Intent.

Znypyr Odonyl

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