Eberron 998 YK

The Town of Loudwater

The PCs arrive at the town of Loudwater after receiving a contract from the Guild of Avaricious Intent. They are to investigate the disappearance of two Shadow Network agents who were tasked with locating any significant cult activity specifically the three major cults; the Cult of Khyber, Cult of the Ogres and the Cult of Lycanthropany. The contract told the PCs that the two agents were supposed to message the Shadow Network after scouring their designated region, where the only major is the town of Loudwater.

It is around 10 in the morning and there is a light drizzle put down by a thick haze of clouds. The PCs are told that the town of Loudwater is a small fishing town lead by a mayor and has its own militia. The town centre is composed of what appears to be a shop, church and town hall. After querying a town person, the PCs are directed to the mayor who resides in the town hall.

Unfortunately, the mayor does not know very much about any cult activity in the area, spending his time worrying about the trade of fishing and the increased frequency of kobold raids on the town. The PCs try the church next and after talking to the understudy and then the priest, they determine that the church worships Bahamut and cares very little about cult activity. Znypyr did notice that the statue of Bahamut seemed a little small in comparison to the rest of the decorations. The priest does try to get in contact with the Church of the Silver Flame but he did say it would take some time.

Luckily for the PCs, they find out that the miltia leader was contacted by the Shadow Network agents who asked for any suspicious behaviour or possible hideouts for any cult activity. The militia leader, a red haired dwarf, procures a map and points out the location of ruins of a temple upstream of the river Loudwater. During this conversation however, the town’s bell starts ringing and the militia recruits the PCs to help deal with the kobold raid in exchange for a couple of men.

While the battle was a pushover for the PCs, the militia was not so lucky and suffered severe loses. The PCs managed to pick up a small red pulsating crystal, which seemed to be part of the kobold raid’s objective. With the battle over, the miltia leader takes back his original offer and instead lends the PCs one of his men, a warrior but the priest understudy requested that he follow the PCs as he really just performs chores in the church.

The PCs set off into the forest inbetween Loudwater and the ruins and Znypyr notices a small blue bird flying above the group, stalking them. He notices something is off with the bird but it is a little too far to be able to notice any abnormalities. At the behest of the group leader Ray, Znypyr shoots the bird with his pistol; the bullet hits the bird and passes straight through the bird with no sign of wounding. The bird just disappears into thin air. After this brief encounter, Znypyr pulls away from the group searching for any more abnormalities.

Luckily the rest of the trek goes smoothly and the group reaches the ruins of the temple. The raised platform is barren and there is only a trap door in the middle of the platform. Chris goes down first and after throwing a sunrod into the tunnel leading down before him, he notices a circular room up ahead relaying this information to the group. With no immediate signs of traps or danger, the group climb down the trap door, which closes and locks behind them. Znypyr hears a faint sound that seems like something rolling towards the PCs. Alerting the rest of the group bar, they run into the circular room leaving James who wants to see what is approaching the group. As soon as he sees that it is a boulder, he turns around and starts sprinting towards the rest of the group.

While the room seemed circular from far away, it has four distinctive corners in which there are crystalline structures. In the middle of the room is a wooden box. Faust decided to break through the side of the box and try to grab something inside, mistakingly pulling a lever resulting in a sentient flamethrower trap unscrewing itself out of the ground. The four crystalline structures break, revealing dragon statues whose breath freezes the ground making it difficult to move without tripping. After defeating the trap, the PCs learn that the crystals are powering the flamethrower and find that the crystal they obtained in Loudwater is of the same material as that of the crystalline statues. James manages to disassemble one of the flamethrower cannons from the turning apparatus, creating one functional flamethrower.



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