Eberron 998 YK

The Setting

This campaign is set in an alternate world of Eberron, on the continent of Khorvaire. The world is said to have been created during the Age of Dragons in which three powerful dragons (Siberys, Eberron and Khyber) fought to gain control of the Draconic Prophecy outlining the future of the world. Khyber wanted sole control and fought viciously against the other two dragons. Siberys was ripped to shreds during the conflict and the remaining shreds became celestial objects that orbit the world. To stop Khyber, Eberron wrapped herself around Khyber and bound him to her coils and Khyber became trapped in an array of monster-filled catacombs beneath the world. Eberron’s brave feat was not without consequences and she became mortally wounded. In a last heroic feat, she merged with the world and created all living creatures.

The most current continent wide event was The Last War. The Last War was initiated after the death of King Jarot, the last king of a united Khorvaire. His children each controlled one of Khorvaire’s five nations and fought over who should become the new monarch to the continent. During the war, each nation became associated with an aspect of their army; Aundair with monsters such as the minotaurs, Thrane with arcane magic users, Karrnath with the undead, Cyre with a large Warforged army and Brelen with their incredibly large number of combatants due to conscription. This war lasted a hundred years and resulted in the utter destruction of the nation of Cyre leaving a wasteland blistering with arcane magic and haunted by the spirits of soldiers who died fighting there.

This campaign starts at the year 998 YK, two years after the end of the Last War. The world of Eberron has been at peace for these and technology has flourished as a result. Lightning rails have been perfected resulting in even faster travel times between cities. Airships have become affordable and are a very common sight. However not all technology has been beneficial as the invention of gunpowder brought a new degree of damaging potential to weaponry.

The PCs form a band of mercenaries in the Guild of Avaricious Intent. The guild was created shortly after the Last War by House Deneith whose members bear the Dragonmark of the Sentinel. During the war, House Deneith supplied additional soldiers to the five nations and built up a reputation as a reliable mercenary faction. Today, the House has three guilds, each having its own role; defending monarchs and Thronehold, the capturing of fugitives and general mercenary work.

With the creation of the Guild of Avaricious Intent, freelancing mercenaries are quite rare nowadays, clientele falling to the guild’s reasonable pricing and reputation. Most if not all of the freelancing mercenaries have joined the ranks of the guild. Joining the guild involved taking a one oath pledge to not kill in cold blood as the guild values its reputation. Any substantiated reports of members breaking the pledge offers rewards of gold.



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