Eberron 998 YK

Let there be Light

After disassembling the flamethrower, the stone wall parts and a door opens vertically directly opposite of the boulder blocked entrance. With the reflecting glow of Chris’ sunrod, there appears to be some roots dangling down from the ceiling but the room is too dark to really distinguish anything inside. Znypyr signals to the rest of the group telling them he would sneak in to take a look. As Uulival are blessed with low-light vision, Zynypyr can determine that there really are roots dangling from the ceiling, most of them hanging just above the stone floor. The ceiling seems to be pretty high and Zynpyr cannot tell where it ends.

Seeing no immediate danger, Faust charges forward. Out of the darkness, something swipes at Faust but missed and darts away. Chris, seeing Faust charge forward, runs into the room, throwing his sunrod ahead of Faust causing a reaction of a shriek up ahead. The party notices that the wall of the flamethrower room is advancing quite fast and dart into the dark room. Ray, seeing this as the most opportune time to use his flamethrower, points it towards the closest roots and lets loose a blast of arcane fire, setting the roots alight. Perch on top of the roots hanging where ever they see fit, are a pair of bats.

Up ahead, a black cloud advances encompassing the entirety of the sunrod and the group hears marching. The group holds out as bats fly down to make attacks and hide back on top of various roots hanging from the ceiling. Amongst the chaos, Faust and Chris manage to charge forwards into the dark cloud and engage with a phalanx of kobolds wielding shields and various swords and axes. Unknown to the players, they are being watched by a kobold capable of wielding magic to help its brethren.

With Ray’s flamethrower, he begins to fire into the cloud hearing some fighting occurring roughly where Faust would be. The cloud recedes under the heat of the flamethrower, revealing scorched goblins. The party continues to whittle down at bats and kobolds, with Ray’s flamethrower clearly the most destructive weapon in their repertoire until they engage a kobold wielding a staff and with a quick Arcana check, they determine that it is the origin of the black cloud.

Chris determined to find out more, grabs the kobold mage and tries to intimidate it to surrender with the fall of its comrades. Fortunately, the mage drops the cloud it was maintaining but continues to fight on against the party. Within a round, Ray clears what is left of the kobold phalanx and Faust lands the final blow against the mage. As the kobold mage falls, his scales start disappearing, revealing the figure of a female elven mage.

Upon closer inspection, the elf is dead wearing black robes with no distinguishing marks. She has no markings on her skin but there are various scars spaced out as if they were caused by bites.

After recuperating, Ray discovers that the small red crystal has stopped pulsating and has probably lost all of its power. Nevertheless, the party moves forwarded into the next room with Faust charging ahead of the group into a small room with steps leading up to a throne. On the throne appears a rather pudgy kobold wearing a small crown on its head and chainmail with a battleaxe leaning against the throne. Next to it are two tough-looking robed kobolds one holding a staff and the other a rod. They are bent over an object obscured by a line of smaller kobolds wielding short swords and clad in leather armour underneath black robes. They seem preoccupied and with what they are doing and so Faust charges into the group.

While the kobolds are distracted, the party lash out although they do not make the most of their surprise attack. The kobolds react quickly shifting their way into advantageous positions at first but with a flurry of quick movement and attacks, Faust forces himself out of being flanked whilst punching all the targets he can. Similar to the last encounter, the PCs find the area enshrouded by a thick black cloud but after fighting through the cloud, killing many kobolds, the shroud recedes and the two kobolds that were initially standing next to the kobold monarch are missing from the room.

The party continues through the struggle with Chris falling unconscious after being flanked by multiple kobolds, shielding the party from their vengeance. Shortly thereafter, the rest of the party mop up the rest of the kobolds and stabilise Chris while Ray prepared a Healing Salve. With the kobold monarch dead, the party notice that the scales of the kobold disappear revealing the figure of a male half orc. Like the elf in the previous room, the half orc is dead, clad in black robes and has bite-like scars along his forearm.



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