Eberron 998 YK


The party hear the howls of werewolves in the distance. Peren informs the party that he will lead the werewolves the wrong way to buy the party time, transforms into a werewolf and runs off in the direction of the howl.

Searching the mayor’s office, the party discover a suspiciously placed bible of the Church of Silver Flame. Pulling the book off the bookshelf, it swings open revealing a ladder leading down into a brightly lit cavern. A spiral leads downwards closer to the sound of bones crunching and deep breaths. The air chills as the party descends and before them is a young white dragon with what appears to be black mold growing on its scales. Opposite the party is a large hole, big enough for the dragon to climb out, the floor is covered in a thin layer of water and around the dragon is a chain.

The party decide to dispatch the dragon surviving through the intense cold generated by the dragon. Upon close inspection the dragon has a metal tag on its chain which read “Frosty”. Frosty utilising a frozen floor, ice stalagmites and its freezing breath, attempts to stave off the party but under the intense firepower of the party, Frosty falls and the party are victorious, claiming its canine teeth as proof.

The party escape via the tunnel which leads to a forest and a small stable housing horses and a few “western-era” wagons. Upon entering the building, they encounter a wounded werewolf who reveals himself to be Peren. He is heavily wounded with a large number of defensive wounds and blood leaking from his body. He informs the party that he was unable to successfully hide his presence among the werewolves and that it would be best to leave immediately. The party mount up on a wagon: Peren inside, cleric as carriage driver, ranger riding shotgun, monk and fighter riding on the back bench.



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