Eberron 998 YK


The party hear the howls of werewolves in the distance. Peren informs the party that he will lead the werewolves the wrong way to buy the party time, transforms into a werewolf and runs off in the direction of the howl.

Searching the mayor’s office, the party discover a suspiciously placed bible of the Church of Silver Flame. Pulling the book off the bookshelf, it swings open revealing a ladder leading down into a brightly lit cavern. A spiral leads downwards closer to the sound of bones crunching and deep breaths. The air chills as the party descends and before them is a young white dragon with what appears to be black mold growing on its scales. Opposite the party is a large hole, big enough for the dragon to climb out, the floor is covered in a thin layer of water and around the dragon is a chain.

The party decide to dispatch the dragon surviving through the intense cold generated by the dragon. Upon close inspection the dragon has a metal tag on its chain which read “Frosty”. Frosty utilising a frozen floor, ice stalagmites and its freezing breath, attempts to stave off the party but under the intense firepower of the party, Frosty falls and the party are victorious, claiming its canine teeth as proof.

The party escape via the tunnel which leads to a forest and a small stable housing horses and a few “western-era” wagons. Upon entering the building, they encounter a wounded werewolf who reveals himself to be Peren. He is heavily wounded with a large number of defensive wounds and blood leaking from his body. He informs the party that he was unable to successfully hide his presence among the werewolves and that it would be best to leave immediately. The party mount up on a wagon: Peren inside, cleric as carriage driver, ranger riding shotgun, monk and fighter riding on the back bench.


The party discover a secret exit activated by pushing a stone brick suspiciously hidden behind a crooked panting and catch a glimpse of two kobolds fleeing down a dirt tunnel. The party charge after them, capturing them successfully. During an intense interrogation, one of the kobolds manages to say that they had come from Loudwater only to have its head explode shortly after. The other kobold is revealed to be one of the two Shadow Network agents the party was originally contracted to find. He reveals himself as a male elven illusionist named Peren who was captured along with his partner, a Warforged, in the same ruins the party had just navigated. He continues stating that Loudwater is actually composed of lycanthropes who he believes have some connection to the Cult of Khyber. Peren also reveals that he was intentionally bitten and he now contracts lycanthropy but after the party leader tends to his wounds and disease, the mage gains control over the disease.

Peren informs the party that the Warforged is irreplaceable in the Shadow Network and upon the return of its head, the party can redeem a large portion of gold. Along with this promise of reward, Peren convinces the party to return to the village in search of a possible youth dragon whose existence could confirm a connection to the Cult of Khyber and once again result in a gold reward.

The party and Peren decide to sneak into Loudwater and complete the above tasks. They manage to sneak into the town unnoticed and upon reaching the dungeon underneath the town hall, Peren retrieves the head of his comrade. Peren here informs the party that he did see some suspicious items in the mayor’s office and suggest they start looking for clues of a dragon there. However, upon returning to the lobby, they encounter a small band of villagers. Peren conjures and channels a deafening shield preventing noise from escaping the town hall while the party quickly dispatch with the villagers and guards who are revealed to have the ability to transform into werewolves.

The party and Peren then surge forwards, storming the mayor’s assistant’s room wiping out the mayor’s guards. Pushing into the mayor’s office, they encounter the mayor who under the affect of two blue obelisks, transforms into a resilient werewolf. After a long struggle, the party dispatch the mayor and his personal guards. However the success over the werewolves was not without avail: the monk and the fighter were bitten by werewolves and subsequently contracted lycanthropy.

Let there be Light

After disassembling the flamethrower, the stone wall parts and a door opens vertically directly opposite of the boulder blocked entrance. With the reflecting glow of Chris’ sunrod, there appears to be some roots dangling down from the ceiling but the room is too dark to really distinguish anything inside. Znypyr signals to the rest of the group telling them he would sneak in to take a look. As Uulival are blessed with low-light vision, Zynypyr can determine that there really are roots dangling from the ceiling, most of them hanging just above the stone floor. The ceiling seems to be pretty high and Zynpyr cannot tell where it ends.

Seeing no immediate danger, Faust charges forward. Out of the darkness, something swipes at Faust but missed and darts away. Chris, seeing Faust charge forward, runs into the room, throwing his sunrod ahead of Faust causing a reaction of a shriek up ahead. The party notices that the wall of the flamethrower room is advancing quite fast and dart into the dark room. Ray, seeing this as the most opportune time to use his flamethrower, points it towards the closest roots and lets loose a blast of arcane fire, setting the roots alight. Perch on top of the roots hanging where ever they see fit, are a pair of bats.

Up ahead, a black cloud advances encompassing the entirety of the sunrod and the group hears marching. The group holds out as bats fly down to make attacks and hide back on top of various roots hanging from the ceiling. Amongst the chaos, Faust and Chris manage to charge forwards into the dark cloud and engage with a phalanx of kobolds wielding shields and various swords and axes. Unknown to the players, they are being watched by a kobold capable of wielding magic to help its brethren.

With Ray’s flamethrower, he begins to fire into the cloud hearing some fighting occurring roughly where Faust would be. The cloud recedes under the heat of the flamethrower, revealing scorched goblins. The party continues to whittle down at bats and kobolds, with Ray’s flamethrower clearly the most destructive weapon in their repertoire until they engage a kobold wielding a staff and with a quick Arcana check, they determine that it is the origin of the black cloud.

Chris determined to find out more, grabs the kobold mage and tries to intimidate it to surrender with the fall of its comrades. Fortunately, the mage drops the cloud it was maintaining but continues to fight on against the party. Within a round, Ray clears what is left of the kobold phalanx and Faust lands the final blow against the mage. As the kobold mage falls, his scales start disappearing, revealing the figure of a female elven mage.

Upon closer inspection, the elf is dead wearing black robes with no distinguishing marks. She has no markings on her skin but there are various scars spaced out as if they were caused by bites.

After recuperating, Ray discovers that the small red crystal has stopped pulsating and has probably lost all of its power. Nevertheless, the party moves forwarded into the next room with Faust charging ahead of the group into a small room with steps leading up to a throne. On the throne appears a rather pudgy kobold wearing a small crown on its head and chainmail with a battleaxe leaning against the throne. Next to it are two tough-looking robed kobolds one holding a staff and the other a rod. They are bent over an object obscured by a line of smaller kobolds wielding short swords and clad in leather armour underneath black robes. They seem preoccupied and with what they are doing and so Faust charges into the group.

While the kobolds are distracted, the party lash out although they do not make the most of their surprise attack. The kobolds react quickly shifting their way into advantageous positions at first but with a flurry of quick movement and attacks, Faust forces himself out of being flanked whilst punching all the targets he can. Similar to the last encounter, the PCs find the area enshrouded by a thick black cloud but after fighting through the cloud, killing many kobolds, the shroud recedes and the two kobolds that were initially standing next to the kobold monarch are missing from the room.

The party continues through the struggle with Chris falling unconscious after being flanked by multiple kobolds, shielding the party from their vengeance. Shortly thereafter, the rest of the party mop up the rest of the kobolds and stabilise Chris while Ray prepared a Healing Salve. With the kobold monarch dead, the party notice that the scales of the kobold disappear revealing the figure of a male half orc. Like the elf in the previous room, the half orc is dead, clad in black robes and has bite-like scars along his forearm.

The Town of Loudwater

The PCs arrive at the town of Loudwater after receiving a contract from the Guild of Avaricious Intent. They are to investigate the disappearance of two Shadow Network agents who were tasked with locating any significant cult activity specifically the three major cults; the Cult of Khyber, Cult of the Ogres and the Cult of Lycanthropany. The contract told the PCs that the two agents were supposed to message the Shadow Network after scouring their designated region, where the only major is the town of Loudwater.

It is around 10 in the morning and there is a light drizzle put down by a thick haze of clouds. The PCs are told that the town of Loudwater is a small fishing town lead by a mayor and has its own militia. The town centre is composed of what appears to be a shop, church and town hall. After querying a town person, the PCs are directed to the mayor who resides in the town hall.

Unfortunately, the mayor does not know very much about any cult activity in the area, spending his time worrying about the trade of fishing and the increased frequency of kobold raids on the town. The PCs try the church next and after talking to the understudy and then the priest, they determine that the church worships Bahamut and cares very little about cult activity. Znypyr did notice that the statue of Bahamut seemed a little small in comparison to the rest of the decorations. The priest does try to get in contact with the Church of the Silver Flame but he did say it would take some time.

Luckily for the PCs, they find out that the miltia leader was contacted by the Shadow Network agents who asked for any suspicious behaviour or possible hideouts for any cult activity. The militia leader, a red haired dwarf, procures a map and points out the location of ruins of a temple upstream of the river Loudwater. During this conversation however, the town’s bell starts ringing and the militia recruits the PCs to help deal with the kobold raid in exchange for a couple of men.

While the battle was a pushover for the PCs, the militia was not so lucky and suffered severe loses. The PCs managed to pick up a small red pulsating crystal, which seemed to be part of the kobold raid’s objective. With the battle over, the miltia leader takes back his original offer and instead lends the PCs one of his men, a warrior but the priest understudy requested that he follow the PCs as he really just performs chores in the church.

The PCs set off into the forest inbetween Loudwater and the ruins and Znypyr notices a small blue bird flying above the group, stalking them. He notices something is off with the bird but it is a little too far to be able to notice any abnormalities. At the behest of the group leader Ray, Znypyr shoots the bird with his pistol; the bullet hits the bird and passes straight through the bird with no sign of wounding. The bird just disappears into thin air. After this brief encounter, Znypyr pulls away from the group searching for any more abnormalities.

Luckily the rest of the trek goes smoothly and the group reaches the ruins of the temple. The raised platform is barren and there is only a trap door in the middle of the platform. Chris goes down first and after throwing a sunrod into the tunnel leading down before him, he notices a circular room up ahead relaying this information to the group. With no immediate signs of traps or danger, the group climb down the trap door, which closes and locks behind them. Znypyr hears a faint sound that seems like something rolling towards the PCs. Alerting the rest of the group bar, they run into the circular room leaving James who wants to see what is approaching the group. As soon as he sees that it is a boulder, he turns around and starts sprinting towards the rest of the group.

While the room seemed circular from far away, it has four distinctive corners in which there are crystalline structures. In the middle of the room is a wooden box. Faust decided to break through the side of the box and try to grab something inside, mistakingly pulling a lever resulting in a sentient flamethrower trap unscrewing itself out of the ground. The four crystalline structures break, revealing dragon statues whose breath freezes the ground making it difficult to move without tripping. After defeating the trap, the PCs learn that the crystals are powering the flamethrower and find that the crystal they obtained in Loudwater is of the same material as that of the crystalline statues. James manages to disassemble one of the flamethrower cannons from the turning apparatus, creating one functional flamethrower.

The Setting

This campaign is set in an alternate world of Eberron, on the continent of Khorvaire. The world is said to have been created during the Age of Dragons in which three powerful dragons (Siberys, Eberron and Khyber) fought to gain control of the Draconic Prophecy outlining the future of the world. Khyber wanted sole control and fought viciously against the other two dragons. Siberys was ripped to shreds during the conflict and the remaining shreds became celestial objects that orbit the world. To stop Khyber, Eberron wrapped herself around Khyber and bound him to her coils and Khyber became trapped in an array of monster-filled catacombs beneath the world. Eberron’s brave feat was not without consequences and she became mortally wounded. In a last heroic feat, she merged with the world and created all living creatures.

The most current continent wide event was The Last War. The Last War was initiated after the death of King Jarot, the last king of a united Khorvaire. His children each controlled one of Khorvaire’s five nations and fought over who should become the new monarch to the continent. During the war, each nation became associated with an aspect of their army; Aundair with monsters such as the minotaurs, Thrane with arcane magic users, Karrnath with the undead, Cyre with a large Warforged army and Brelen with their incredibly large number of combatants due to conscription. This war lasted a hundred years and resulted in the utter destruction of the nation of Cyre leaving a wasteland blistering with arcane magic and haunted by the spirits of soldiers who died fighting there.

This campaign starts at the year 998 YK, two years after the end of the Last War. The world of Eberron has been at peace for these and technology has flourished as a result. Lightning rails have been perfected resulting in even faster travel times between cities. Airships have become affordable and are a very common sight. However not all technology has been beneficial as the invention of gunpowder brought a new degree of damaging potential to weaponry.

The PCs form a band of mercenaries in the Guild of Avaricious Intent. The guild was created shortly after the Last War by House Deneith whose members bear the Dragonmark of the Sentinel. During the war, House Deneith supplied additional soldiers to the five nations and built up a reputation as a reliable mercenary faction. Today, the House has three guilds, each having its own role; defending monarchs and Thronehold, the capturing of fugitives and general mercenary work.

With the creation of the Guild of Avaricious Intent, freelancing mercenaries are quite rare nowadays, clientele falling to the guild’s reasonable pricing and reputation. Most if not all of the freelancing mercenaries have joined the ranks of the guild. Joining the guild involved taking a one oath pledge to not kill in cold blood as the guild values its reputation. Any substantiated reports of members breaking the pledge offers rewards of gold.


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